Who we are

"Entregas de Bike" is a company formed by bike couriers from Sao Paulo.
All with extensive experience in bicycle delivery service. The idea of professionalizing the category and consolidating the bicycle as an efficient vehicle for deliveries in large urban centres, such as Sao Paulo.

Working with extreme professionalism and responsibility, we enable our customers to deliver their products in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and financially more advantageous way than traditional delivery services with existing bicycles.

Our Mission

Constantly adding value to our customers, making sure all our deliveries are done in a sustainable way, using only bicycles on our trips.


Working for a greener, more sustainable and better quality of life, using only clean vehicles to carry out our services and consolidating the use of the bicycle as an efficient urban vehicle.


Our conduct should reflect the highest standards of ethics;
Our commitment to respect the most fragile in traffic is our primary rule;
Our environmental responsibility must be understood and respected by our employees;
Our relationship with clients and employees must be transparent and based on responsibility and trust between all parties;

Team - Idealizers

The Idea of our company was created when experienced cyclist couriers from the city of Sao Paulo evaluated that during their runs the service and quality offered by the existing bicycle delivery companies was very deficient.

By examining the possibility of improving the service and quality we have teamed up with a number of other experienced cyclist couriers and have decided to create a cooperative enterprise through smartphone apps, providing a better margin for the cyclists and consequently a better quality of service offered.