Tips on Requesting Deliveries

So far only requested deliveries within points (collection and delivery) inside the city of São Paulo are accepted.
The bike courier can carry up to 5 kg (kilograms) of weight if in doubt, despite your order before requesting the service.
The maximum volume that a cyclist can comfortably carry is 40cm X 25cm X 15cm, carefully measure your order, thus avoiding future disorders.
Be nice, talk to bike courier, cyclists are generally good people and are always willing to help, switch contact if you want updated delivery information.
Keep your delivery ready to be dispatched, this saves time loss, causing your delivery to take place within the promised deadline.
The bike courier has a maximum stay time of 15 minutes at each point of delivery, after this period the rider is allowed to return the origin with the unrealized delivery.

Request Bike Delivery

Make a quotation of a bike delivery in São Paulo. You can also find out the savings in the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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