Scheduled bike deliveries are scheduled deliveries 24 hours prior to their execution. This delivery service includes scheduled date and time. Because they are sporadic deliveries and we can fit into our routes (depending on the time and distance), there is the possibility of a discount on its value. Ask us for a scheduled delivery quote.

Delivery Lists are deliveries with more than 20 recipients, it is the ideal service for deliveries of guest lists, deliveries of invitations, deliveries of gifts, deliveries of promotional material, etc. By having a guaranteed quantity of deliveries is the best option to save on a personalized and ecological delivery, adding sustainable value to your product or business.

The Delivery service is ideal for anyone who owns a restaurant, hamburger, snack bar, etc. Our delivery service with bicycles, includes one or more cyclists allocated to your establishment, performing exclusively deliveries delivery to your restaurant or any other type of establishment with delivery service.