Speed in Bike Courier Deliveries
The intermodal challenges in the city of Sao Paulo have proven that bicycles are the fastest vehicles for traveling at distances of up to 8 km.
Taking these metrics into consideration, we decided that all our deliveries would be carried by bicycles, thus adding sustainable value to your brand.

Try changing your traditional delivery methods to "Entregas de Bike" and test the agility and quality of our services.

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Online Technology in Bicycle Deliveries
We have a specialized platform in bike deliveries developed exclusively by Afonso "Bigode" Savaglia, one of the most experienced bike couriers in São Paulo.
With it you can order your deliveries online, check your delivery statement, check your CO2 savings and even creating a new communication channel to meet your demands.
Register on our Extranet, or request a one-off online delivery using our system and test the effectiveness of our services.

Ecological and Sustainable Deliveries
Our deliveries are only done using bicycles (we do not use motorcycles or electric vehicles), thus generating a significant savings in CO2 emissions.
With every online request for delivery, the customer is aware of the real savings in carbon emission compared to traditional moto courier services.

If you would like more information or ask questions about the operation of "Entregas de Bike" contact us.

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